Earn bitcoins with your Smartphone

I suggest you to discover on this page the list of the best apps to earn bitcoins using your Smartphone. The applications presented here are compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones.

To recover these applications you only need to check the page with your Smartphone and click on the name of the application that interests you.

NameDescriptionWithdrawal thresholdOSOverview
This faucet offers you to collect a fixed sum of 500 bolts every 30 minutes. If you are in a hurry there is a feature to reduce the time to claim your bolts even faster.

The application offers you in addition to the faucet to install applications and launch them on your Smartphone in order to win big bonuses in bolts.

Once you have reached a certain amount of bolts (100000) you can convert them into bitcoin or ethereum by taking care to specify the email address of your coinbase account in the settings in order to be paid.

When registering use the following code PMIDLSNE in order to earn 6000 bolts in bonus.
Here it will be to play a game of skill and reflex where you will have to place an orange square on a location in the middle of the screen by pressing at the right time. The first levels are easy but the more you progress and the more the square will move quickly and therefore the reward in satoshis will be consequent.

In short a good way to have fun while earning satoshis which is more motivating! Every 10 levels you will have the opportunity to stop the game and recover your reward if you feel it is too difficult!
20000 satoshisAndroid and IOS
Bitcoin Aliens
This app presents itself as a game where you have to eliminate aliens in order to Pocket satoshis. Every test an alien appears randomly and according to his pedigree you will earn a variable sum of satoshis.

In addition it will be possible to participate in a special mission every 3 hours when you will have to kill several aliens with a boss to eliminate at the end. This kind of special mission will bring you between 500 and 1500 satoshis.

By recommending the application to friends you can win a bonus of 3000 satoshis.
20000 satoshisAndroid et IOS
Free Bitcoin
The application presented here is a lottery game that offers 3 game modes where each time you try to win a random sum of satoshis. If you are lucky you can mutifold your winnings up to 10 and also fall on the jackpot with the ability to win up to 250000 satoshis!
20000 satoshisAndroid and IOS
Similar as free Bitcoin except that here you will be able to earn up to 1 000 000 satoshis if you fall on the jackpot box. The application will also offer you several quotes in English (concerning the money) of famous characters to unlock.
20000 satoshisAndroid and IOS