Top 6 of the best ways to get crypto-currencies + bonus

In this article, you'll find best known and proven methods to get crypto-currencies .

I assume that each person doesn't necessarily have the same financial means as the same technical knowledge to start in the world of crypto-currencies . So I decide to clarify things as much as I could so that everyone finally found the most appropriate method and would best fit their current personal situation.

Of course, if you can, do not hesitate to combine many of these methods together.

In order for you to diversify as much as possible (which minimizes the risk) and optimally earn crypto-currencies to make the best value for your portfolio .

Method n°1 – Faucet

Faucet is the most rudimentary way and moreover free to get crypto-currencies with a minimum of knowledge and without the need to spend money.

Clearly the faucet is the ideal method for those who start with $0 in their pocket and who have time to offer .

You'll just need a internet connection and a browser (or a smartphone) to create a wallet and get your crypto-currencies via faucet .

For those who play MMORPG ( like World of Warcraft) use the faucets to build a crypto-currency first capital, it's like farming. 😉

This is a repetitive method, but it can work on the long term given that the value (in euros or dollars) recovered cryptocurrencies may increase over time (Let's go to the moon).

Imagine when you could have recovered even 1 bitcoin via a faucet when it was not worth 1 euro cent . Well today it's worth almost $5,000 and in my opinion you would have been happy to have this unique bitcoin and moreover to have been able to get it thanks to a faucet .

However, it's not too late because some predict a bitcoin that could worth hundreds of thousands of euros from here 2 to 3 years ! As for the other crypto-currencies (Ethereum, litecoin, ...) that will certainly take a lot of value over the next few years (given the enormous potential for innovation that cryptocurrencies bring and which will certainly impact our daily life).

Doesn't understimate this method which has a very good opportunity especially if you do not have any money to invest in crypto-currencies!


  • Free Method (no financial risk) to get crypto-currencies easily and quickly (and build your first portfolio without wasting time).
  • Requires only a web browser and wallet to recover cryptocurrencies.
  • Does not require any special technical knowledge.
  • If we are motivated, patient and we accumulate several faucets (The micro-wallets are interesting for that), it is possible to be an interesting first capital that we can reinvest in cloud mining or in the purchase of new crypto-currencies with high growth potential (which you can resell to make a capital gain if their value increases).
  • If the price (in euros or dollars) of the cryptocurrency recovered via a faucet is favorable you will be able to make some profit the time that you will have invested


  • The sums recovered are in general low and also depend on the price of the cryptocurrency . The more the cryptocurrency appreciates (its value in euros or dollars will increase) and the more the gains will be small. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency will depreciate (its value in euros or dollars will fall) and the gains will be high. Long term.


Method n°2 – The cloud mining

Cloud mining allows you to rent computing power through a mining contract provided by a cloud mining mining company, which allows you to mine crypto-currencies with the help of a simple web browser and an internet connection.


  • A method that requires to invest money (but which is less expensive than a mining rig) or crypto-currencies (for example, bitcoin).
  • Much less profitable than real mining with a rig (because the mining company has to subtract the electricity costs and the cost of maintaining the equipment).
  • In some cases it is not possible to resell his mining contract and recover his stake.
  • Requires patience (between 3 and 10 months depending on course progress cryptocurrency mined ) , the time that the mining contract is profitable (but it is clearly better than a booklet A that I remember only pays 0.75% per year)



  • A method that requires to invest money (but which is less expensive than a mining rig) or crypto-currencies (for example, bitcoin).
  • Much less profitable than real mining with a rig (because the mining company has to subtract the electricity costs and the cost of maintaining the equipment).
  • In some cases it is not possible to resell his mining contract and recover his stake.
  • Requires patience (between 3 and 10 months depending on course progress cryptocurrency mined ) , the time that the mining contract is profitable (but it's clearly better than a booklet A that I remember is only 0.75% a year)


Method n°3 - Mining Rig

The mining rig is an assembly of several graphics cards connected to a motherboard and that will allow you to really undermine crypto-currencies and in general by going through a mining pool (a cooperative of miners that combine to mine more efficiently and thus better distribute the gains of mining).

Of course you can also just start with the help of a simple graphics card to make a first experience of mining without taking too many risks .


  • You have full control of your crypto-currency production so you have the choice of which crypto-currency to mine according to your own mining strategy .
  • Rig mining is much more cost effective than cloud-mining .


  • Requires a relatively large financial investment to buy the material (about 1000 euros to mount a simple rig) and to derive an interesting income.
  • Requires sufficient knowledge of hardware and PC editing to mount your own mining rig in good conditions.
  • You also need to know how to install an operating system (at least Windows) at each installation of a new mining rig.
  • The energy cost (electricity costs) generated by the daily operation (24h/24) of the mining rig will have to be taken into account. and integrate it into its expenses to calculate its profitability.
  • It will be necessary to ensure the maintenance of its mining rig, to check be and constantly that everything is fine so as not wasting money unnecessarily .


Method n ° 4 – Exchange platforms

A trading platform is a market place where you go to buy or sell crypto-currencies.


  • You get fairly quickly your crypto-currencies and the amount you will receive depends obviously on the amount of your investment.
  • Requires no special technical knowledge (just know how to use a Web browser and use its credit card).


  • Investment needed (payment by credit card or bank transfer) to obtain cryptocurrencies.
  • You need to know what you are investing in and this requires knowledge (on the crypto-currency that interests you) to best support your judgement and avoid the risk of unnecessary losses.
  • Risk of volatility and loss of your initial bet in the event of a decrease in the price of the cryptocurrency purchased.
  • Know how to manage your emotions which is not easy when you have not a few notions of trading and a good knowledge of the market.
  • In General, exchange platforms require supporting documents (identity card, passport, proof of domicile,...) in order to confirm your identity.


Method n ° 5 – the wallet

The wallet where will be stored securely (accessible by providing a private key at each connection) one or more crypto-currencies in order to perform your transactions on a daily basis.


  • As for trading platforms it is possible to buy cryptocurrencies via some wallet in exchange of money (credit card or bank transfer)
  • Registering for a wallet is very simple and in most cases does not require submitting supporting documents


  • Initial investment required (payment by credit card or bank transfer) to purchase cryptocurrencies via wallet


Method n ° 6 – the ICOs

An ICO (initial coin offering) is a way for a new crypto-currency project to raise funds (also in crypto-currency) in order to get money and that will start the development of this project.

As a general rule the ICO offers to investors tokens in Exchange for a contribution and which basically are only crypto-currency.

The objective clearly displayed for the investor will be to sell them at a higher expected price (in euros or dollars) to its starting value in order to achieve a gain and thus earn money.


  • An interesting way to support a new project of crypto-currency and earn money If the project is viable (for info the project ethereum was able to start with a bottom-up in bitcoin)
  • No need to have a big technical knowledge but just have the flair of the investor and therefore understand what is invested (reading the recommended whitepaper). Whitepaper is a fairly simple document to understand that retranscribed the outlines and objectives set by the initiators of a new crypto-currency project.


  • Requires the investment of cryptocurrencies that are owned during the fundraising phase
  • Requires a good knowledge of the project (reading of the recommended whitepaper) in order to understand the purpose of the latter and how it is a good investment
  • You have to be patient (take note of the roadmap) the time that the project starts and then you can recover the fruits of its investment
  • Understand the fundraising process by sending its cryptocurrencies and pay attention to potential scams (phishing)

ARTICLES & recommended links

Method bonus – the airdrop

Here is an absolutely free method that will allow you toget crypto-currencies for free.

The airdrop is a method of distributing free crypto-currencies to anyone who will bother to register and provide the address of their wallet.

Doing so and on a predetermined date by the creators of the project, you will receive before everyone a more or less important amount of crypto-currency on your wallet. Then if the project proves to be serious and you are patient enough to keep this amount of cryptocurrencies obtained for free, there is a good chance that you can make an interesting added value. 🙂


  • Requires only to register via a form provided by the creator of the project where you will specify the address of your wallet
  • Method 100% free which only requires time to look for interesting airdrop


  • The only downside to my sense is to get a crypto-currency that does not really value but frankly you will not have lost anything, just time to fill out the registration form 😉


In conclusion

The purpose of this article was to synthesize all known (and accessible) methods to obtain cryptocurrencies. Each of these methods has Advantages and Disadvantages that I have explained to the fullest so you know which one can best match your current situation.

I believe that everyone can access the world of crypto-currencies and this article is in this sense an interesting entry point for everyone who starts.