The best software to mine bitcoin easily

Although the activity of mining bitcoin has become more professionalized to the point that it is necessary to procure very expensive equipment (ASIC miner) in order to be able to make a big profit. However, there are accessible solutions for individuals who can (depending on the performance of their computer) be able to obtain bitcoin through the mining process. Most of these solutions in reality will make you mine other crypto-currencies (easier to mine than bitcoin) which will then be converted into bitcoin.

The advantage of these solutions is that if you are not a great computer scientist in the soul or you do not have sufficient performance hardware, you can nevertheless start to mine and introduce you to the mining of crypto-currencies and this smoothly without have to invest thousands of euros. The other interesting point is that if you have a gamer-type PC (with a processor and a powerful graphics card ) and you want to amortize at minimum the latter these solutions can be interesting to put you a bit of bitcoin in the pockets in a very accessible way.

In clear you can with the means you have, start to mine bitcoin and it is always better than doing nothing at all especially when we see that the crypto-currencies always push the limits in terms of value and that it would be shame not to try to possess it. If you subsequently decide to mine more professionally by mounting a mining rig it is of course advisable to use more specific software like Claymore for example but which requires more advanced knowledge ( and therefore requires further reversal in the field).

The solutions presented here are therefore above all reserved for beginners in mining (or even the occasional minors) who lack of hardware and knowledge nevertheless wants to launch easily and quickly in this exciting activity, with a real opportunity to start earning bitcoin so once again to own it at all costs. You will find in this article a presentation of the best software and Web browser extension to start mining and earning bitcoin easily.


Cryptotab is an extension available on Google chrome and Firefox Web browsers.

Cryptotab now offers its own Web browser that is inspired by Google chrome and that will allow you to mine 8 times faster!

It is extremely simple to use and allows you to start to quickly mine bitcoin once the extension is installed. The extension only solicits the processor of your computer (CPU) and actually mine the Monero which is converted into bitcoin. Cryptotab is perfect for those who have a simple laptop or a basic desktop PC and still want to start mining bitcoin in a very simple and accessible way.

Start mining with Cryptotab


Computta is a very easy-to-use Windows compatible software that will allow you to mine bitcoin using your processor (CPU) and graphics card (GPU).

Un benchmark will be launched at the start of the software in order to give you an estimate of the winnings which mainly depends on the performance of your processor and your graphics card

At the start of the software a benchmark will be performed in order to give you an estimate of the winnings that you can expect to obtain using your computer and whose result obviously depends on the power of your hardware.

You can set the amount of power you want to allocate to computta software in order to mine bitcoin

If you have a gamer-type configuration you should get a more than interesting estimate. Once the benchmark is complete you can start to mine and it will be possible to set the amount of power you want to allocate during your mining session.

Start mining with Computta


Minergate is a mining software accessible to beginners in mining which their Përmet to mine homologous types of crypto-currencies like the monero, the Ethereum, the Zcash or even the Bytecoin

Invite you with a simple click Start.. to mine the crypto-currency of your choice

The software is easy to install and you Përmet in one click to start. using your processor and graphics card. It is also possible to miner on a tablet or Smartphone through a version of the application available on Android.

Start mining with Minergate

In conclusion

This article jogging for purpose to present. the best software available to the general public to get started. to undermine and earn Bitcoin with the minimum available in terms of computer hardware. Well studied if you want to get even more results you will need to deepen. your computer skills (to set up more sophisticated mining software) and you are interested in mounting a Mining rig which for reminder push a peer investment thousand euros. The goal here is computer not to completely close the door of the mining world on the pretext that one does not have the best material and start. now interested in the mining of crypto-currencies via the solutions presented in this article. A good mining at all! visit