In this article I will show you the best sites for buying bitcoin or ether (ethereum). Indeed bitcoin and ethereum are the reference crypto-currencies for trading crypto-currencies on different trading platforms like binance for example. If you want to invest in promising crypto-currencies (and diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio) you will need to own bitcoin as well as ether (Ethereum blockchain unit of account). To buy bitcoin or ether (ethereum) you can use the following payment methods:

  • Credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Bank Transfer (RIB)
  • PayPal

Keep in your mind you will have to use at least one of these 3 ways to open the world's first cryptocurrency door if you dare say . 😉 The credit card is still the preferred way to buy bitcoin or ether (ethereum) on the sites I will present. Once you have bitcoin or ether in your possession you will be able to take advantage of the speed of transactions (as well as minimal fees or nonexistent fees) to make your investments in other crypto-currencies. Here are the best sites to buy your first bitcoin or ether to keep (Hodl) or use them to buy other crypto-currencies with high potential.


Coinbase is the perfect platform to get started with buying bitcoin . The very intuitive interface will guide you naturally towards the purchase of your first Bitcoin plus the site offers an online portfolio (wallet) to directly store your purchased bitcoin and start making your first transactions. If you are beginner in the cryptocurrency world coinbase is clearly a platform for you. You can also buy ether (ethereum) as well as litecoin . The purchase of your first bitcoin can be done by credit card. In addition for $100 of bitcoin purchased you will be able to benefit from $10 of bonus bitcoin .

A platform as interesting as Coinbase in terms of ergonomics and easy handling. Except that offers you more choices in terms of crypto-currencies to buy. Indeed in addition to the traditional Bitcoin and Ethereum you can also buy: