Strategic guide to earn money with bitcoin without investing

On this page I will present a simple strategic guide in order to know how to make money without investing anything thanks to bitcoin.

There are a lot of methods to win bitcoin and I do not pretend to say that the method presented here is the most effective. However this is the most interesting for those who do not want to take any financial risk and who do not have advanced knowledge in computer science.

I will present every step of the strategic plan to win bitcoin, so you follow it in order to get interesting results.

It may be that this guide is updated with the addition of new steps also see as often as possible the latter in order to have the latest info to earn ever more bitcoin. Thanks to this guide you will be able to earn money without investing anything from your pocket.

Step 0: Create your bitcoin wallet

First of all in order to win your first bitcoin you will need a wallet that will show you the balance of bitcoin you own. In addition you will be able to make your bitcoin transfers (sending and receiving).

So I invite you to read this article in order to know how to create your first bitcoin wallet that is also called "wallet".

Step 1: Create a capital in bitcoin starting with the faucet

Once you have created your wallet and therefore you will have your first bitcoin address you will be able to win thanks to the faucet.

Faucets are the easiest and safest way to win your first bitcoin in other words you have absolutely nothing to invest aside from your time.

Read this article to discover the faucet.

Additionally you can also earn bitcoin with your Android Smartphone or your iPhone by downloading free apps. So if you're on the move and not in front of your PC you can earn money and don't waste your time doing nothing if you're in a queue for example.

Once you have reached a capital between 10 and 20 euros you can go to the next step.

You will have understood the faucet will allow you to earn money without investing anything and thus constitute a starting capital that you will be able to use in the next step.

Step 2: Buy mining contracts to earn money in automatic

Now that you have a capital in bitcoin estimated between 10 and 20 euros you will be able to buy your first mining contract.

You will need to review this article to understand the usefulness of cloud mining. You can also see directly the list of what I consider to be the best sites to mine bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

To make it simple a mining contract will allow you to get the computing power (expressed in hash/s) that will allow you to mine bitcoin every day without having anything to do. At this stage you won't have much to do except check out your mining statement every day to see how much money you've earned.

The goal will be to get you profitable after several months also you will have to be patient and therefore think well when you buy a mining contract.

In addition to your mining contracts nothing prevents you from continuing to use the faucets in order to continue to magnify your bitcoin capital in addition to the gains you have achieved thanks to mining in the cloud.

After these first two steps you will have the opportunity to go even further by minting with your own material, so I invite you to go to the next step.

Step 3: Mine with its own computer hardware

This step will ask you for a start-up investment because you will need to buy equipment to get into the mining of crypto-currencies. If you are not yet ready to invest money then this step of the guide is to beavoided.

There are various computer equipment to mine crypto-currency such as graphics cards or even USB sticks.

However you have the option to mine with your own computer thanks to some ready-to-use software provided by some sites. The site that offers the most interesting offer on this subject is called minergate.

To find out what mining softawre are and how it will help you to mine with your own computer I advise you to read this article.

With minergate you will be able to use your own computer in order to earn money without investing anything. It will also be possible to use your own Smartphone or your tablet to undermine crypto-currency however I do not advise you because these devices support much less intensive mining than a traditional PC.

To go even further in the mining of crypto-currencies it will be necessary to mount what is called a mining rig and which is an Assembly of several graphics cards connected to a motherboard.

The mining rig will allow you to achieve optimal yields. Here is a series of 3 articles that will explain how to mount your mining rig and how to make money with methodical way:

Hardware needed to create a rig and mine crypto-currencies – part 1

Assembling, configuring and starting the mining rig – part 2

Calculating the profitability of its mining rig – part 3 (end)