Faucet that pay faster thanks to the micro wallet Coinpot

I would start this article by recalling that a faucet is a website that allows you to recover fractions of crypto-currencies in order to quickly start to build up a capital without wasting time (if you have access to the Internet).

Therefore the faucet is quite indicated if you do not yet have the means to invest (or you do not want to invest) in a mining contract in the cloud or in a mining rig.

The faucet allows you to quickly earn a small amount of crypto-currencies that you can keep on a wallet and that can gain value (in euros) in case of a positive evolution of the price of the tell Crypto-currency. So we should not neglect the faucet which are a very good recourse to start earning money online in Exchange for his time.

Moreover if you do not have great knowledge in computer science or you are just skeptical of the idea of investing in crypto-currencies, this is a good way to try you to these last without taking once again the slightest risk the financial

To start earning cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, litecoin, dash and dogecoin) thanks to the faucet you simply need to know how to use a Web browser and to devote of course time. 🙂

Understanding the features offered by Coinpot

If you are not yet registered feel free to do so by clicking here, in order to understand the interest of coinpot and thus continue reading this article

Coinpot is a microwallet that has been integrated (as a means of withdrawing earnings) by reliable and well-known faucet that are:

These faucet are also part of the list of best faucet presented here on this blog.

When registering on the various faucets presentedabove, you will need to provide the same email address provided when registering on coinpot.

Remember to enter the same email address used on your Coinpot account when registering on one of the faucets that accepts the latter as a means of withdrawal

Each time you make a claim (recovery of a fraction of crypto-currency) on each of these sites, the gain will be automatically added to your balance on coinpot.

On the homepage you will be able to see at a glance all your winnings in bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin

With Coinpot you will be able to collect all the cryptocurrencies won (Bitcoin, Litecoin and dogecoin for the moment) in one site and even convert them between them.

You can convert your crypto-currencies between them which will delight the budding crypto-traders 😉

For example, if you win litecoin on the faucet Moon litecoin , you can convert them to bitcoin and vice versa.

If you win bitcoin on Moon bitcoin you can convert them to litecoin.

Coinpot allows you to visualize the evolution of your balance in bitcoin, litecoin or dogecoin as a graphic

In addition the site offers a history of transactions as well as a handy graph that allows you to visualize the evolution of your balance in bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin.

Remove winnings from Coinpot

First of all know that if you want to make a withdrawal of your bitcoin or litecoin on a wallet I advise you to create an account on coinbase.

In terms of recovering your dogecoin there is the following wallet which is simple but effective.

Now if you want to remove for example your bitcoin on coinpot it will take (the procedure is the same for a removal of litecoin or dogecoin, there is only the address of the wallet that changes obviously):

  • Click the arrow on the drop-down menu below the balance of the crypto-currency you want to recover (home page).
  • Select "withdraw bitcoin" if you want for example to withdraw its winnings in bitcoin.
  • A withdrawal form will appear
  • Select "withdraw to bitcoin wallet" as the withdrawal method (fees may be charged according to the selected method, so read well)
  • Enter the bitcoin address for the transfer (be careful to use a bitcoin address instead of a litecoin or dogecoin address)
  • Enter the amount of bitcoin to withdraw
  • Enter your Coinpot account password
  • Click on the "withdraw" button at the bottom of the form to validate and make the withdrawal request

You can withdraw your winnings by clicking in the drop-down menu below the balance of the crypto-currency you wish to withdraw

In doing so you will have to wait more or less time before receiving your winnings at the address indicated via the withdrawal form.

In conclusion

The service is very recent also there are only the faucet that I have presented to you (in the first part) at the moment.

But given the promising aspect of this new service, it is possible that other faucet join the project later and integrate Coinpot as a new means of withdrawal.

You will be able to accumulate your winnings more efficiently and be paid faster which ultimately makes the work much more motivating. 🙂