Mount a mining rig to mine monero

In this little guide I will present you what equipment to buy to mount a mining rig destined for the mining of monero.

Of course you are free to adapt your mining rig plan to mine monero according to your budget and your computer skills.

This guide was designed to provide you with leads and ideas in order to help you choose the key components of your mining rig to mine MONERO (XMR) profitably.

Why mining monero?

Monero is a crypto-currency that offers completely anonymous transactions on its blockchain which is an undeniable quality for people concerned about sacrosanct confidentiality on the Internet.

Indeed although it is not possible to know who hides behind every transaction made in bitcoin it is not possible to consult all transactions linked to a bitcoin address which can pose a problem of confidentiality.

Withmonero this drawback does not exist becausemonero blockchain does not allow to consult the transactions in a public and transparent way which makes untraceable the author of a transaction as well as the amount of the latter.

Moreover I thinkmonero is a very good crypto-currency to start in mining with a small budget.

Hardware needed to assemble the mining rig to mine monero

Here you will find the list of components needed to assemble your mining rig to mine monero.

If you would like more details you can also consult this article which presents more fully the material necessary to assemble a mining rig to mine crypto-currencies.

1/processor (CPU)

The consensus algorithm (which allows to validate transactions) ofmonero blockchain is the Cryptonotealgorithm.

The peculiarity of this algorithm is that it is very CPU friendly, in clear feel free to procure you a sufficiently powerful processor (core i3 processor or core i5 see core I7 for those who have a budget more therefore) to mine monero which actually looks very well with the processor unlike other cryptocurrencies like ethereum.

Below you will find a list of interesting processors to mine monero (XMR) profitably.

lga 1151
lga 1151
lga 1151
lga 1151

2/Graphics card (GPU)

Mining monero requires a graphics card equipped with at least 2 GB of RAM unlike ethereum mining which requires 3 GB of RAM.

This allows you to mount a mining rig with entry-level graphics cards for those who have a small budget. Of course if your budget allows you you can get more powerful graphics card models like the Nvidia 1080 GTX or the AMD Rx580 .

These graphics cards will allow you to obtain a higher hashrate power as evidenced by the results shown in the table below.

BuyNameMoneroRAM MemoryWatt consumption
Graphic Card Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8G800 H/s8 Go245 Watt
Graphic Card AMD Rx 580700 H/s8 Go185 Watt
Graphic Card AMD R9 3908 Go275 Watt
Graphic Card AMD Rx 480630 H/s4 Go150 Watt
Graphic Card AMD Rx 480630 H/s4 Go150 Watt
Graphic Card Nvidia GTX 1060630 H/s
6 Go145 Watt
Graphic Card AMD Rx 570600 H/s4 Go115 Watt
Graphic Card AMD Rx 560330 H/s4 Go90 Watt
Graphic Card Nvidia GTX 750 Ti240 H/S2 Go30 Watt

3/power supply

To power the graphics cards of your mining rig in electricity you will need a power supply of at least 850 Watt.

Of course it all depends on the model and the number of graphics cards that will equip your mining rig. In the case of high-end and more powerful graphics cards (1080 GTX or Rx 580), expect a power supply of at least 1000 Watt to be sure you have enough power and be quiet.


To achieve satisfactory results in terms of mining you will have to opt for a motherboard that can support at least 4 graphics cards.

However as shown in the table below there are motherboard that can support up to 6 graphics cards see more.

Product LinkNumber of PCI Express ports to install graphics cardsCPU Model ( Socket )RAM Technology
Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P AMD 970 Socket AM3+ 1 x Ethernet 6 x USB 2.0 2 x USB 3.0

5 PCI express portsAM3+ SocketDDR3
Asus M5A97 R2.0 motherboard ATX AMD Socket AM3

6 PCI express portsAM3+ SocketDDR3
MSI Z170A Sli Plus motherboard Intel ATX Socket LGA 1151

6 PCI express portslga1151DDR4


You will need a hard drive to install the operating system (Windows preferably) and proceed with the setup of your mining rig for the mining of monero (XMR).

An SSD is more than advisable in order to start the operating system faster and have a fast mining rig to use the software.

Kingston Technology - DTSE9G2/32GB - DataTraveler SE9 G2 - Clé USB 3.0 - 32 Go - Argent
kingdian 120 Go 240 Go 480 Go with memory cache 128 M SATAIII SSD Solid State Drive S200 60GB

6/ Ram Memory

Memory module DDR3 ou DDR4 depending on the model of your motherboard with a minimum of 4GB of RAM will make a large deal for the Windows 10 operating system.

Product linkRAM TechnologyMemory size
HyperX Fury - HX316C10F - Ram Memory 4 Go - 1600MHz, DDR3, CL10 DIMM - Bleu

DDR 34 Go
Ballistix Sport LT 4Go DDR4 2400 MT/s (PC4-19200) SR x8 DIMM 288-Pin - BLS4G4D240FSE (Rouge)

DDR 44 Go


You will need risers to connect your graphics cards to your motherboard and mine cryptocurrencies efficiently.

8 Para-surge power outlets

I repeat it all the time in my mining rig editing tutorials, plan a multi-surge plugs to protect your investment in the event of a thunderstorm or problem with your electrical installation.

It would indeed be a pity to lose your mining rig which can be worth up to several thousand euros.

Essential elements to create a mining rig and mining monero

Here is therefore to summarize the indispensable elements to create its mining rig and start to mine cryptocurrencies in a serious way:

In conclusion

This article was intended to refer you to the choice of your computer components in order to mount a mining rig and mine monero.

Also remember that the mining of monero requires a lower budget to start in the mining of crypto-currencies and in particular with regard to the purchase of graphics cards which is indeed a very important item of expenditure.

Of course free to you to make your own choices and make you your own opinion according to your budget and your knowledge.