Mining and earn bitcoin easily with Cryptotab

Cryptotab is a new extension (available on chrome and Firefox) very handy that will allow you to mine bitcoin and thus to earn bitcoin easily with your Web browser. The mining is done using the processor (CPU) of your computer and so you will have nothing else to do than let the calculation work done and thus see your bitcoin capital grow in real time.

To start mining bitcoin with your chrome or Firefox browser click on the link below and continue reading the article.

Download and install the cryptotab extension on your chrome or Firefox browser to start mining bitcoin

This article is intended primarily for anyone wishing to mine without having to invest in a mining rig , in a mining contract in the cloud or that does not necessarily want to buy crypto-currencies.

Cryptotab can be seen as a sort of Faucet in automatic that will allow you to earn bitcoin passively.

This will allow you to start earning bitcoin easily and free of charge to create a small amount of bitcoin (which grows as you go along) just by keeping your Google chrome or Firefox Web browser open.

These mined bitcoin will also be able to gain value depending on the price of bitcoin (depending on market fluctuations) which may be very interesting if you have a long-term vision.

In clear Cryptotab is a way to simply and quickly mine bitcoin without taking the lead.

How Cryptotab works

In reality cryptotab uses a script of mining coded in JavaScript allowing to miner of monero (XMR) which is also a crypto-currency and that works very well with a simple processor (CPU).

These monero are then converted into bitcoin and added to your balance as shown in the image below.

Viewing the balance of bitcoin mined using your Google chrome Web browser

You will be able to earn bitcoin with your browser just by leaving the latter open while browsing the Internet.

Indeed given the current difficulty to undermine bitcoin you will be unable to undermine (profitably) the latter directly with a simple computer.

How to mine and earn bitcoin with Cryptotab

To start mining bitcoin with your chrome browser you need to install the cryptotab extension first.

Then click on the extension icon in the top right menu of your chrome or Firefox browser.

The home page of the extension will then open with your wholesale bitcoin balance displayed in the center of the screen.

Bitcoin mining is done by clicking on the bottom left.

Here you will be able to define the intensity of your mining which will affect the performance of bitcoin mined

You can set the intensity of the mining according to 3 possible modes :

  • low
  • normal
  • high

Obviously the more you will solicit your processor and the better your performance of bitcoin mined with your chrome or Firefox browser.

In addition, the mining speed will take out the power of your processor (CPU), for example an Intel Core I7 processor will provide much better results than a core I3.

You may receive a message that alerts you that the extension is blocking and that the mining does not start. You must then deactivate for a short time your anti-virus and restart chrome as well as the extension so that the mining starts according to one of the 3 intensity modes chosen (low, normal or high). If necessary disable the extension and then reactivate there so that bitcoin mining starts without problems.

If you Select the top option I advise you to do nothing else on your computer in order not to further force your processor and especially not to spoil the quality of your MinAge speed.

For example, do not start a video game or any other resource-intensive application while you are minting with your browser in order to avoid a possible crash of your computer.

Also make sure that your processor is well ventilated during the mining process so that the processor works in optimal conditions.

How to boost your bitcoin winnings on Cryptotab

To boost your winnings and earn bitcoin in a growing way on cryptotab you have two possibilities:

  • Use cryptotab on multiple computers (laptop or PC fixed)
  • Sponsor new users through your referral link
  • The first method to boost your bitcoin income is to use cryptotab on multiple computers at the same time in order to logically increase your mining speed.

    You will need to install the extension on each computer, taking care to log in to your account so that the mining (and thus your winnings) is centralized.

    To be done and every new installation of the extension on a new computer click on the menu tab in the top right.

    Then link your account to your Facebook or Google account in the connection section.

    Link your cryptotab account to your Facebook or Google account to centralize your bitcoin mining winnings in one account

    Repeat this process with each new installation to centralize your mining in one account and increase your revenue in bitcoin.

    The second method is to invite new users to join you in bitcoin mining.

    To be copied your referral link located at the bottom of the homepage and share this link with anyone wishing to embark on the mining of bitcoin via the browser Google chrome or Firefox.

    Each new registrant will earn you a bonus on your mining and will be able to get more bitcoin.

    Make a withdrawal of bitcoin mined on its wallet

    To withdraw bitcoin mined to your wallet you just have to click on the tab in the top right to unwind the main menu then click on the button "remove BTC".

    If you don't have a wallet check out this page which presents a list of the best known wallets to store its bitcoin.

    The Indent page will then open as in the image below:

    You will need to indicate the address of your bitcoin wallet as well as the amount you wish to withdraw (minimum 0.0004 BTC).

    Click the withdraw button to complete the transaction and receive the bitcoin mined on your wallet.

    In conclusion

    Cryptotab is ultimately a browser extension (chrome or Firefox) simple and well thought out for anyone who wants to easily undermine bitcoin, without necessarily getting into pure and hard mining but still wants to put to the power of their computers.

    Indeed the more professional mining if I dare say requires more advanced knowledge in computer science as well as financial means that can be substantial for an individual.