Mining profitable cryptocurrencies with hashflare

Like Genesis miningHashflare is one of the best cloud mining platforms to mine profitable crypto-currencies without hardware. I propose you to discover this platform through this didactic article, so that you can invest in the mining of crypto-currencies without owning any material and without bothering you with maintenance. I explained in several articles on cloud-mining, you have to realize that buying a mining contract is like investing money, which is a potential risk to the capital you hire. And as I usually say, engage only what you are willing to lose (and preferably the money you do not need to live) because the crypto-currencies market is subject to many price fluctuations without counting the many other factors that may come into account regarding the crypto-currency you wish to mine. To fully understand what cloud-mining is, do not hesitate to consult the following articles (if necessary) in order to have all the necessary elements before investing :

PNow let's go to the Hashflare presentation to mine profitable cryptocurrencies. However before you start consider registering by clicking here then continue reading this article.


Introducing Hashflare

Hashflare is a serious and reliable cloud-mining platform , headquartered in Estonia (part of the European Union) since 2014 where electricity costs are very low, which is a good thing to carry out crypto-currencies mining activities.

Example of computer hardware (minor ASIC) used by hashflare to mine bitcoin at the request of customers via mining contracts (Sha256) and which are the most requested

The hashflare cloud-mining platform offers you the purchase of mining contracts to mine the following profitable cryptocurrencies :

  • Bitcoin ( Sha256 )
  • Litecoin ( Scrypt )
  • Ethereum ( Ethash )
  • Dash ( X11 )
  • Zcash ( Equihash )

In this regard, Hashflare is one of the few cloud-mining platforms to offer reliable and valid bitcoin mine contracts for a period of one year. On the home page (dashboard) you will be able to see the balance of each cryptocurrency mined through your mining contracts.

Here you will be able to see the balance of bitcoin mined through your various mining contracts and which updates daily

You will also be able to see at a glance the amount of powerful (hashrate) you have with an estimate of the winnings that is recalculated each day. However if you are new to hashflare, you do not own anything at the moment and you will have to obtain a mining contract to start undermining the cryptocurrencies that interest you. 🙂 Let's move on to the next part to buy your first mining contract.

Buy a mining contract to mine cryptocurrencies

To purchase a new mining contract you must go to the homepage (dashboard). First of all here are the indications to remember to purchase the mining contract that corresponds to the crypto-currency you wish to mine:

  • Bitcoin ( Sha256 )
  • Litecoin ( Scrypt )
  • Ethereum ( Ethash )
  • Dash ( X11 )
  • Zcash ( Equihash )

Click the shopping cart icon (green) next to the contract type to set the amount of power to buy. Then set the amount of power (hashrate) you want to buy using the slider. In the example below we buy a contract at $220 to miner bitcoin. The mining power leased via the contract is 1 Th/s. Once you have set the amount of power to buy click on the "buy" button. A new page will open and show you the summary of your order. Select the payment method (CR card) and then validate your order. For example if you want to pay your order in bitcoin you will have to send the requested quantity to the bitcoin address provided by the site and that will be valid for 1h. Once the payment has been made you will be able to see the amount of power purchased appear on the home page (dashboard). You will have to wait 24 hours until your first mined cryptocurrencies appear in your balance. By going to the next section of the site main menu – ≫ history – > log section you can view the history of your mining winnings.

On this page you can view the history of your winnings for each type of crypto-currency mined (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, dash and zcash) through your mining contracts

After earning a certain amount of crypto-currencies through your mining contracts, you will definitely want to get them back on your wallet. 😉 Now let's move on to the next part to learn how to make a withdrawal of its cryptocurrencies on Hashflare.

Make a withdrawal of the mined cryptocurrencies

It is necessary to provide the addresses of your different wallets by going to the next section of the site "Settings".

On this page of the site you can define the address of each of your wallet in order to recover the fruits of your mining

Once the address is provided and validated you can make a withdrawal by clicking on the
bouton « withdraw » on home page. Specify the amount of crypto-currency you wish to withdraw and confirm your withdrawal request. All you have to do is wait until the transaction is validated on the network and you receive your winnings in your wallet.

Automatically reinvest earnings to increase mining power

It is also possible to automatically reinvest your winnings in order to increase your mining power (hashrate) in order to increase your efficiency. You will be able to mine even more cryptocurrencies every day. To do so you have to click on the button "reinvest". You will then have to select the type of mining contract (bitcoin or litecoin) in which you want to reinvest your balance. Once you have selected the type of mining contract in which to reinvest, your balance will be automatically used to increase your mining power. If you want to disable this feature you will need to select the "do not reinvest"option.

In conclusion

Hashflare is one of the best cloud-mining sites to mine profitable cryptocurrencies through mining contracts. You now know how to choose a mining contract and undermine the crypto-currency of your choice without owning any real hardware.