Mining crypto-currencies without hardware using Cloud-mining

The best known method for generating bitcoins is mining using specialized hardware or its own computer.

However, this method requires good technical knowledge of its equipment and a control of electricity costs so that the business is profitable. But good news there is an alternative method to traditional mining with hardware and this is made possible thanks to cloud mining.

Cloud mining definition

Cloud mining is about renting a certain amount of computing power from a real computer that will be used to automatically generate bitcoin and all this just by using a Web browser. The process is very simple and you only have to use your bitcoin earned thanks to the faucets or your credit card for the most in a hurry (but that I advise less for beginners).

You will have understood the goal is basically to entrust the creation of bitcoins to computer professionals who know their trade as well as the mining equipment used.

So doing so you will have the opportunity to earn money without doing anything for little that you invest in what is called mining contracts.

Mining contracts

The mining contract is simply the rental of a material used for the generation of bitcoins and this for a fixed or indefinite period. There is a contract for each type of equipment used also it will have to be careful not to rent obsolete equipment which could result in a loss of profitability.

It will therefore be necessary to make sure to inquire about the type of equipment rented for mining and to ensure that the latter is profitable in time to the generation of bitcoins and thus recover its setting after several months.

But then again you have to understand that you are not immune to a fall in the value of bitcoin over time which can penalise you. It is therefore advisable to always invest at the moment when the value of bitcoin is at the lowest in order to better profitable when the price of bitcoin goes back.

Nevertheless and although mining presents some risks like any investment a little risky it remains a good way to earn bitcoins in an automatic way without getting tired as on the faucets.

Avoiding cloud mining scams

You will have understood it by its attractive principle to earn bitcoins so money, many scammers have been interested in this area and as a result many cloud mining sites have bloomed on the canvas.

Most of these sites are what are called ponzis or hypes namely sites that propose to invest money in the so-called mining equipment but which in reality is nothing and which therefore rests only on wind.

That is to say that you are paid not with some of the bitcoins generated by existing equipment but well and with the money of the new investors who register on the site. This process can work for a while (as long as there are new users) but as soon as new user growth decreases and the pyramid system collapses.

It is no longer possible for those who are cheated (usually the last entrants) to get their money back.

In order to be on the honesty of a cloud mining site you have to recognize some details that make fly like the age of the site. Generally the sites that try to rip you off will usually live 6 to 12 months and then collapse and close. So think about always doing a WHOIS in order to know the age of the domain of the site.

Then you can view a blacklist of cloud-mining sites by visiting the badbitcoinwebsite. If you have a doubt on a cloud-mining site and its name appears in the list then you can be pretty sure it is a scam and therefore avoid at all costs to invest money there.

Now that you have read about the scams to avoid I will present a list of the best cloud mining sites known to date and that are reliable to invest money or bitcoins.

List of the best cloud mining sites

To register you simply click on the name of the site you are interested in.

Moreover, you will also be able to bitcoins miner many other currencies without material such as litecoin, dogecoin and other crypto-currencies properties offered in mining in a clear and intuitive interface.

Finally you can each day claim a certain amount of satoshis (variable depending on the price of bitcoin) via the faucet of the site and also recover 1 dogecoin for each daily connection.

This allows you to try mining in the cloud without necessarily investing money.
Click on the banner or link to start miner without materialDescription
Genesis mining is the most reliable cloud mining site on the Internet because unlike most cloud mining sites that are pure scams, this site offers real hardware rental in the cloud. Moreover, the site has been in existence since January 2014 and no worries have been reported since that time.

You can start to mine bitcoin without material by investing a minimum of $19 and this for a lifetime lease.

I also offer you a 3% discount code on the purchase of your first mining contract to be entered when ordering: 0Guezh

Eobot has been in existence since 2013 and is therefore one of the very first cloud-mining sites existing to date. Not only will you be able to mine bitcoin without hardware through the cloud but also use a mining software using your free downloadable computer.

Another reliable cloud mining site that has existed since 2014. The site offers mining contracts from $1 especially for bitcoin mining!

This is a good way for you to invest your first bitcoin acquired on faucets or using your credit card. Once the purchase of your contract made the mining starts pretty quickly and you should get your first bitcoin mined in the cloud at the end of the day.

In addition to the bitcoin mining you can also undermine the ethereum, the litecoin or even the dashcoin.

Do not hesitate to invest a few euros to start and you try to mining in the cloud without taking too many risks.

Sesterce is a grouping by acquisition or alliance of several major players in blockchain in Europe. With the intention of creating a global player and a real representative of Europe on this market. Sesterce's (previously known as Bitech Mining) mining department offers the user a wide range of miners. The group has developed a blockchain mining expertise and investment during these last years and it has one of the biggest catalogs of services around mining.