Manage your crypto-currencies portfolio as a pro with Blockfolio

Blockfolio is an app available on the Android play store that you will be able to use on your Android Smartphone or iPhone (do a search in the Apple store) to manage your portfolio of crypto-currencies.

I had made a presentation of this application in part 3 of my series of articles dedicated to the Assembly of a mining rig. I wanted to dedicate an article to him to make it clear that this application is in my opinion the basis for anyone who wants to invest seriously in crypto-currencies.

Indeed even if you have no money (or you are skeptical) to buy crypto-currencies or you do not have the technical knowledge to start you in the Assembly of a mining rig, and well know and I Lai already say that it more accessible means.

As long as you know how to use a Web browser, you can very simply acquire cryptocurrencies using faucet as well as using a wallet (consider creating a wallet for each type of crypto-currency you want to get) that you have created beforehand.

I remember starting like this in summer 2015 and very quickly I could own a small amount of bitcoin (estimated at $2) knowing that at the time 1 bitcoin was worth only 200 dollars (today this quantity is estimated at twenty dollars because currently 1 bitcoin is worth more than 2000 dollars).

It is certainly not a lot of money but I consider that money is money and that crypto-currencies offer much more interesting growth prospects than a simple booklet a for example (which I recall only reports 0.75% interest each year 😉 not to mention the fact that you have to have a certain amount of money blocked and therefore unusable on the booklet to be able to reach interest).

In short, if you have understood what I want to tell you, it brings us precisely the importance of knowing how to manage and visualize its portfolio of cryptocurrencies that you can see born (starting frankly from zero) and grow (and sometimes even decline according to the economic 😉) over time (using a very accurate graph) especially if you employ a long-term investment strategy (and believe in the development of crypto-currencies that you have chosen to own ).

This strategy has a name which is called "holding" and which is foolishly to keep its crypto-currencies (requires to be patient) until they take a great deal of value.

And this is precisely where the Blockfolio app is interested in creating and managing your crypto-currency portfolio that you will be able to quickly start enriching by notifying each quantity of Crypto-currencies that you will earn and this whatever the means used:

  • The faucet
  • Buying crypto-currencies on an exchange platform
  • The actual mining of cryptocurrencies with a rig
  • The mining of cryptocurrencies by cloud-mining
  • The android apps on your smartphone
  • And many other ways that I leave you the care to discover and that will allow you to earn cryptocurrencies

This is not to mention the fact that there are many cryptocurrencies (+ 1000) and that there is not yet a universal wallet capable of centralising all the crypto-currencies that you possess. You must therefore use a complementary analysis tool that will allow you to visualize globally and in a blink of an eye the value (in dollars) of all the crypto-currencies that you hold on your different wallets.

This ideal tool in my opinion is Blockfolio.

Getting started with the Android Blockfolio app

After you have downloaded, installed and started the application you can immediately visualize your wallet as in the image below:

An example of a portfolio that I currently manage with the blockfolio app via my Android Smartphone

To change the reference currency (which is in dollars by default) and put it in dollars you just have to:

  • Select the three vertical points at the top right
  • Select "settings"
  • Select "currency settings"
  • Change the reference currency by selecting euro from the drop-down list
  • Select "Save" to Save the changes

It is also interesting to be able to follow the evolution of its portfolio in graphic form as in the image below:

Thanks to the graph provided by the application you can follow the evolution of its crypto-currencies portfolio in a practical and friendly way 🙂

However If this is the first time you start the application you will have nothing to see, so you will have to add crypto-currencies that you have in your possession.

If you have no crypto-currency at the moment remember that there are faucet to get it for free.

For example if you got 10 ethereum on your ethereum wallet and you want to plot the value of these in your wallet. All you have to do is to:

  • Type ETH in the search bar "search for coin" and select the ETH/EUR pair
  • Check "buy"
  • Select the Exchange platform (which will provide the value of the ethereum course)
  • Indicate the amount of ethereum.

If you simply want to monitor a crypto-currency that you do not yet have it is possible to do so by selecting the "WATCH" option

Your screen should look like this:

You just have to press "Save" so that your wallet automatically updates.

If you want to make a change on the amount of a crypto-currency you own you just need to:

  • Select the latter on the home screen
  • Select "holdings" in the horizontal menu located at the top
  • Select the line related to the add (buy)
  • Select "Edit"
  • Change the value "enter quantity"
  • Select "Save" to save the changes

In conclusion

If you want to invest seriously in crypto-currencies then you will need a handy tool to create and trace your wallet in order to quickly visualize once again the value of all the crypto-currencies you own.

Blockfolio provides you with most of the functionality needed to manage a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. It supports many crypto-currencies (+ 1000) and allows you to have access to the price of a large number of peers (eg ETH/USD) in real time (thanks to the many trading platforms it recognizes to display the price of the peers that you interest).

You can also view the price of each crypto-currency using very well-done graphs and view the evolution of the value of your portfolio in order to set your objectives as an investor. You will also be able to know where you are in terms of performance (profit or loss situation) and even financial profitability (if you invest in a mining rig or in a cloud mine contract ) .

I repeat so Blockfolio is an indispensable and very simple application to take in hand for any good investor in the field of crypto-currencies especially it is completely free, so enjoy and adopt the as it should be, you will not be disappointed. 😉