Here you will find a regularly updated list, which offers the best cryptocurrency airdrop currently underway.

Airdrop is an incentive to offer free crypto-currency (or token) to users in order to promote a new crypto-currency project. As you will have understood this allows the project of crypto-currency to make itself known and interested people to earn free cryptocurrencies and therefore money in a very simple way (for those who do not wish to keep and sell as soon as the crypto-currency is introduced into the market).

In fact you simply need to fill in your email address when registering and sometimes even the address of your wallet (for an ethereum token for example it will have to provide its ethereum address) to receive its free tokens during the distribution.

You should also know that the majority of airdrop are done via the telegram instant messaging application available on ANDROID and IOS.

You will have to join the airdrop group (mentioned on the registration form) and specify its telegram ID (via the registration form) in order to receive its free crypto-currencies.

LinkProject ideasGain
AirTime Receive the AirTime (by crypto browser) rewards generated by other BitTube users who visit your websites and social accounts. 5 TUBEs(if registered) - 5 TUBEs for each referral registered
Social trading platform for crypto-currencies
0 AZ - 7% on deposit - 5% Referral bonus
The Bitbond Token (BB1) is Germany's first security token and makes business lending globally accessible.
0 BB1 - Referral bonus 5%
Coin ChaseCoinchase is the World's Leading Community-focused Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform40 CCH - 20% referral bonus
IdapIDAP is a digital Asset Platform, which aims to provide a complete Ecosystem for crypto asset managing. It offers Futures, calendar & butterfly spreads, options, and swaps among major trading products. Idap exchange also supports spot trading and P2P lending.0 IDAP - 25% referral bonus
Miralcle Tele
Conventional telco operators and monopolies have long outlived themselves. Become a token holder of a mobile operator powered by blockchain and start shaping the future of the telecom industry right now.
2O TELE - 10% Referral bonus
Synapse AI
Token ethereum that wants to offer a data exchange market (big data exchange). The creators of the Synapse project consider that your personal data has a certain value ("data is the new oil") and the purpose is to recount you for this personal data that you share with well-known platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, Netflix or even Google.
50 SYN
Тhe WINBIX marketplace aims to create a new channel for sales, allowing participants to sell goods at bid prices at any moment.
0 WBX - referral 10%