On this page you will find a simplified table summary of the different hashrates of the best graphics cards to mine profitable cryptocurrencies.

Remember that the graphics card is an absolutely strategic element for your mining rig and that its power (hashrate) will depend on your results in the mining of crypto-currencies.

Indeed you will be able to easily read the hashrate of each graphics card in order to mine the most profitable cryptocurrencies and which I believe are the most promising.

There are many models of graphics cards to mine and according to your budget you will be able to benefit from a graphics card more or less effective in the mining activity of crypto-currencies.

This table will allow you to have a synthetic comparison according to the hashrate, the consumption and the price in order to help you in your choice of graphics card to mine profitable cryptocurrencies .

The criteria to consider when choosing your graphics card model are:

The hashrate : corresponds to the mining power and thus the number of hash that the graphics card will generate every second in order to solve a block on the blockchain of a given crypto-currency. Obviously the more the map generates hash and the more the miner will be rewarded for the effort accomplished.

The Watt consumption : it's well known to be able to operate your graphics card will consume electricity obviously the more powerful the card will be and the more it consumes. This is an essential criterion in the calculation of profitability because the aim is to cover the electricity costs generated by mining with the revenue produced by the graphics card.

The amount of RAM memory : another criterion to remember is the amount of RAM memory that a graphics card has. Indeed some crypto-currencies like the ethereum for example requires more than 2GB (currently it takes a graphics card of 3 GB of RAM minimum to mine the ethereum) to be able to mine it. Other cryptocurrencies such as Zcash and monero can be mined using a graphics card of at least 2GB.

Now that you know the essential criteria you can take knowledge of the graphics cards that will allow you to mine profitable cryptocurrencies in the table below:

BuyNameEthereumMoneroZcashMemory RamWatt consumption
Graphic Card Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8G34 MH/s800 H/s600 Sol/s8 Go245 Watt
Graphic Card AMD Rx 58020 MH/s
700 H/s310 Sol/s8 Go185 Watt
Graphic Card AMD R9 39030 MH/s8 Go275 Watt
Graphic Card AMD Rx 48020 MH/s630 H/s310 Sol/s4 Go150 Watt
Graphic Card AMD Rx 48020 MH/s630 H/s310 Sol/s4 Go150 Watt
Graphic Card Nvidia GTX 106019 MH/s630 H/s
320 Sol/s6 Go145 Watt
Graphic Card AMD Rx 570600 H/s290 Sol/s4 Go115 Watt
Graphic Card AMD Rx 56011 MH/s330 H/s80 Sol/s4 Go90 Watt
Graphic Card Nvidia GTX 750 TiMemory Ram240 H/S70 Sol/s2 Go30 Watt