Earn bitcoin with the Febbit faucet

Febbit is a very friendly faucet that will allow you to earn bitcoin for free while having fun.

After having made a brief presentation of the principle of this game I would explain how to take control of the latter and thus start well.

However before you start I invite you to register via the banner below:

Presentation of the Febbit faucet

The goal of the game is to evolve your mining machine that will bring you more or less satoshis (fractions of bitcoin) every hour.

Basically this is a bitcoin mining simulator where you can buy hardware components to improve your miner and earn more and more satoshis.

Getting started with the game and explanations

On the dashboard page you can take a quick look at the following information about your minor.

These 4 information are :

  • Hashes : corresponds to the total hash number produced by your miner during the mining session
  • Hashes per second : corresponds to the number of hash produced by your machine every second
  • Cool : your miner's temperature by clicking on it you make the machine go into overclocking mode, which greatly increases the number of hash products but for a brief moment.
  • Energy: the more energy you have, the more your machine will be able to mine autonomously without any intervention on your part. In fact, every time the energy has fallen to zero you will have to click again on this box in order to revive the mining.

Start mining and win bitcoin

To start the mining and win bitcoin you have to click on the last 2 boxes as shown below.

By clicking on COOL DOWN the minor will go into overclocking mode and you'll receive a temporary hash bonus.

When you switch to overclocking mode this will heavily heat your virtual miner as well as consider improving your thermal regulator to be able to benefit from the very consequent hash bonus.

By clicking on reload the miner will start to miner normally and you'll see the hash counter incrementing as you step.

The more hash you get and the bigger the reward will be once the block is mined.

To mine a block you will have to wait about 40 minutes and click on the button "block".

You will also be able to view an advertisement in order to increase your winnings.

For each mined block you will win:

  • credits (to improve your minor's components)
  • of the special currency (to buy bonuses in the shop)
  • satoshis (which are fractions of real bitcoin and that are to be sent in your wallet once the threshold of 1000 satoshis reached)
  • experience (in level amount you can unlock missions more reanimator as bonus)

Improve your mining machine to gain more satohis

To earn more satoshis you can equip your Miner with several types of components that will increase the efficiency of the latter.

It will be possible to improve them by using your credits and thus make your minor more efficient.

These components are classified into several categories :

  • Central processing unit (CPU) : a better quality cpu allows you to get more hash so more satoshis once the block is mined
  • Thermal regulator (thermal regulator) : allows the miner to support more heat which is useful when you switch to overclocking mode
  • Overclock : this component allows to dramatically boost the amount of hash produced during short time
  • Energy cell : allows to mine much longer without having to revive the miner
Daily missions to win many bonuses

It will be possible to fill many missions every day in order to win many bonuses.

Most of the missions are to improve their minor x times or to achieve a certain level of experience.

Withdraw winnings

To withdraw your winnings (from 1000 satoshis earned) you will have to use the multiwallet faucethub which in the occurence allows you to cumulate the winnings of several faucet.

Once your account Faucethub created and the bitcoin address in your possession you just need to mention the latter in the withdrawal form and indicate the quantity you want to withdraw.

In conclusion

Febbit is an interesting faucet that offers an innovative and rather motivating concept because more you progress and more you can win.

Moreover the faucet is not polluted by many intrusive advertisements that can spoil the fun.