Mining crypto-currencies with Genesis mining

Today I decided to tell you about one of the very first cloud mining sites I named Genesis mining that will allow you to earn money in automatic and without doing anything. For those who do not know the cloud-mining namely mine in the cloud I refer you to this article that will allow you to better understand.

Earn money without do anything

To recall cloud mining is a solution that allows you via purchasing a contract to buy computing power (expressed in hash/s) and generate an amount of crypto-currency (bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum,...) every day, which amounts to earning money every day in automatic without doing anything.

Genesis mining presentation

To return to Genesis mining you will have the possibility of obtaining mining contracts on the site and start earning money in automatic. Genesis mining is one of the pioneers in the mining of the cloud and its reliability and seriousness are no longer to be demonstrated.

Indeed the site is all that is most credible in its field and has a real server infrastructure that rotate 24h/24h to ensure you strong financial gains as well as an optimal profitability of your investment.

You will therefore be able to obtain mining contracts for the main known cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Monero
  • Dash
  • Litecoin

To continue reading this article and if you want to know more about the operation of Genesis mining, I invite you to register by clicking on the following link and to use the following code 0Guezh in order to benefit from a 3% discount on your first contract purchase.

Interface and feature

Once registered and logged on GenesisMining you will arrive on the homepage which will automatically show you the amount of computing power (expressed in hash/s) that you currently own through your various mining contracts for each Crypto-currency.

Obviously the more computing power you have for each crypto-currency and the higher your daily performance will be.

Below you will find the mining allocationbutton(allocate compute power) as well as the hashpower upgrade button (purchase of mining contract).

The first button will allow you to distribute the computing power you have in the various crypto currencies you want to mine. Indeed if you buy computational power to Miner for example monero, nothing prevents you from using this amount of power to undermine another crypto-currency.

The second button will allow you to purchase the computational power needed to start your mining activity (purchase of a mining contract).

Buy a first mining contract and earn money in automatic

To buy a new mining contract you will have to click on the "upgrade hashpower" button on the homepage. By doing so you will be able to adjust the amount of computing power you want to purchase as part of your mining contract.

If you buy a contract to undermine bitcoin, the duration of the contract will take effect for life (you will earn bitcoin and money for life in automatic). While contracts relating to other cryptocurrencies (ethereum, monero, dash,...) will be valid for a period of 2 years.

For your first purchase I offer you the following code: 0Guezh which allows you to benefit from a 3% discount.

Once you have selected the amount of computing power, you only have to pay your order by credit card or bitcoin if you wish.

After purchasing your contract, remember to set up your different wallets to automatically cash your winnings.

Click on my account – > settings – > wallets

On this page you will be able to fill in your different addresses in order to reach the gains of your precious mining contracts and thus earn money without doing anything

For example on the image shown in example I filled in the address of my wallets as well as the address of my wallet monero. Making and once the payment threshold reached, Genesis mining instantly sends me the winnings realized by my mining contracts (bitcoin and monero).

Cash from mining contract

After purchasing your first mining contract and at the end of your first day of mining you will be able to view your first winnings on the "payout" page of the site.

By flying over the letter "I" located in the column "net payout" you will be able to know the threshold of payment to be reached before being paid also if you do not invest a lot of money in a contract you will have to wait a little more before being paid by Genesis mining.

As you can see the winnings can vary from one day to the next due to the difficulty of mining that fluctuates over time, this being valid for all the crypto-currencies that you can undermine via Genesis mining.

In conclusion

Genesis mining is the best solution if you want to undermine bitcoin, monero or ethereum without hardware through the cloud. Indeed you will not have to break your head to install and configure hardware if you are not a great connoisseur. Moreover it is the ideal way to discover the world of crypto-currency mining quietly and at its own pace.

The only thing you will have to do once the contract is purchased will be to wait for the time to make your investment profitable and to watch your winnings arrive every day on your bitcoin wallet or other and this without doing anything. You will not be obliged to invest large sums and can start to undermine bitcoin for less than 20 euros.

Of course any investment involves a risk and I would advise you to always think before you act because crypto-currencies are subject to speculation as well as to unexpected events and it is not uncommon to witness very variations fluctuating over very short periods of time.

However, when we see the importance of crypto-currencies (including bitcoin currently at over 1300 dollars) in terms of capitalization and use in the global economy, I think it is worth investing in a system that proves promising. So try the shot (if you're looking to make your money grow a little) and do your own opinion of this exciting universe that is the mining of crypto-currencies.