Earn bitcoin with no stop using Faucethub


Faucet Hub is like Coinpot, a Microwallet to which are repatriated the micropayments obtained on numerous "faucets" ("taps" in English) partners. It allows to centralize the collected cryptocurrencies before sending them on your personal wallets or exchanging them on the dedicated platform.

The following illustration shows the cryptocurrencies you can accumulate with faucet hub:

Faucet Hub Cryptos.png


To start, you will of course have to create a faucet hub account by clicking on "sign up" in the menu bar of the site. You will need to set your username and password and then fill in an email address and a Bitcoin wallet address. You will then have to check the boxes stating that you have read the terms of use of the site and your data, solve a CAPTCHA, then you will receive an email to confirm the creation of your account.

Tip: the revenue of this kind of site is based on advertising, consider disabling any advertising blocker or use a browser dedicated to this activity!

Menu principal

Main menu


With each connection, the home page defaults to your dashboard ("dashboard"). When you explore the site, you can again access your dashboard by positioning your mouse on "user +" in the main menu and clicking on "user dashboard".

On your first login and before you glean crypto on the faucets partners, it will be necessary first of all to fill in the addresses of your wallets corresponding to the cryptocurrencies that you want to collect by clicking on the tab "wallet Addresses " in the dashboard menu.


Menu du tableau de bord

Dashboard menu

In the tab that appears, you will need to fill in the address of each wallet on which you want to transfer your cryptocurrencies once you have accumulated enough on faucet hub according to the minimum withdrawal amount imposed by the site. The procedure is simple: enter the address of your wallet in the box "link a new address", select the corresponding cryptocurrency in the "currency" drop-down menu and click on the button "link this address". Repeat the operation for each cryptocurrency you wish to harvest on the partner faucets.

Namely: these addresses will be used as identifiers on the different faucets partners.


Faucet Hub Link Address 2.png


When you have enough of a cryptocurrency to make a withdrawal (minimum amount), you can transfer your funds to the wallet of your choice via the tab "withdraw" of the dashboard.

Namely: the "security" tab allows you to activate 2fa authentication (E.g. Google authenticator), which I recommend you do systematically when it comes to sensitive data and you have the opportunity.


All faucets sites associated with faucet hub are listed in the"sites" category of the main menu and are classified by crypto-currency.

Namely: some faucets only allow to harvest one cryptocurrency but others allow to reap several.


Faucets List.png


The proposed sites can also be categorized into different categories but for my part I only interested in the faucets "pure and hard". Note, however, that faucet hub also offers lotterie, Web mining, paid poll and other sites. A table, located further down the page, allows you to filter the results according to different criteria such as profitability, reliability or the creation date.

Tip: you can try each of these sites but I recommend you focus on those displaying a "health" higher than 80%.

Liste des faucets