Earn bitcoin and ethereum with Stormplay

Stormplay (formerly bitmaker) is an app available on Android that will allow you to earn bitcoin and ethereum quickly and easily.

If you're on the move and want to earn bitcoin and ethereum with your Smartphone or Tablet in a simple and efficient way, stormplay is the perfect Android app for that.

Start earn bitcoin and ethereum with Stormplay

First of all you need to download the app using your Android Smartphone by clicking on the following link.

Remember to use the following code to receive a bonus of 6000 BOLTS when registering: PMIDLSNE

Once you have reached the faucet page, you will need to press the 500 BOLTS button to view a short advertising video.

on this screen you will be able to recover 500 bolts every 30 minutes

For each claim (viewing the advertising video) you will be able to recover 500 bolts.

If you wish, you can accelerate the waiting time between each watch (in order to go from 30 minutes to 10 minutes of waiting) by clicking on the icon representing a Chrono.

However you will have to disburse 1000 bolts to use this Joker.

Once you have earned a certain amount of bolts you will be able to convert them into:

  • bitcoin (requires a minimum of 121000 bolts)
  • ethereum (requires a minimum of 100000 bolts)
  • Storm (Crypto-currency application which is actually an Ethereum token)

The storm was currently in pre-launch phase also you will not be able to remove your storm right away.

Perform tasks and sponsor to get bonuses

To gain even more bolts it is possible to perform very renumeratory tasks which consists mostly of:

  • Install an app on your Android Smartphone and test it to unlock the bonus
  • Install a game app on your Android Smartphone and reach a certain level of progress in order to unlock the bonus

This screen will give you access to many tasks to achieve in order to earn more bonuses than the faucet

To ensure that the tasks are done correctly and that you can reach your winnings make sure to:

  • Do not go through a VPN during task completion
  • Do not install the requested application in advance and outside of Stormplay (you must go through the Stormplay tracking procedure)

On this screen you will be able to get your affiliate code to offer to the people you want to sponsor so that the latter can benefit from a bonus

It is also possible to sponsor new users by sharing your affiliate code which will also allow your affiliate to earn a bonus to get started.

How to reach your winnings?

First of all you have to edit the address of your different wallets.

The application works basic with the online wallet Coinbase to receive your crypto-currencies.

So make sure you have a user account at coinbase to be able to reach your winnings.

Then fill in the email address you used to register with Coinbase by going to:

Main menu (top left) = = > profile = = > EDIT WALLET

Sur cet écran vous pourrez configurer vos différentes adresses pour toucher vos gains une fois le seuil de paiement atteint

Dans Edit wallet renseignez l’adresse email utilisé chez coinbase pour toucher des bitcoin ou des ethereum.

En ce qui concerne le Storm vous devez utilisez une adresse ethereum crée sur le wallet en ligne : MyEtherWallet

MyEtherwallet vous permet de stocker vos ethereum mais également de visionner et de gérer les tokens Ethereum.

On this screen you can convert your winnings into bitcoin, ethereum or storm

To reach your winnings on the Stormplay app, simply click on the "withdraw" button and convert your bolts into the crypto-currency of your choice which I recall are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bthereum
  • Storm ( Token Ethereum )

In conclusion

Stormplay is one of the few effective and serious applications available on Android that allows you to earn bitcoin and ethereum easily and quickly.

Indeed the application has been around for almost a year and is evolving in the right direction.

So if you're looking to win bitcoin and ethereum on your Android Smartphone or tablet, stormplay is a serious reference to absolutely possess in order to get very honest winnings.