Create a wallet to earn its first bitcoins

Before we start. to win bitcoins you will have to create what is called a wallet and will act as a bank account Bitcoin version.

The wallet is usually a website (it could be also used in the form of software or mobile application) ultra secure where you invite to store your bitcoins safely and completely anonymous warm. Also invite you to perform. and watch. your Bitcoin send and receive transactions that once again are completely anonymous.

Your wallet could contain homologous Bitcoin addresses through which you can receive your bitcoins and that are TPI by a suite of alpha-numeric characters of the following style: 1KPh8X6b4QX81GG3tRENuRdoMUpBSCkHbu

As with the classic bank account that is identified by a RIB, the address of your Bitcoin account will be identified by this string of characters.

Now that you understand the principle of wallet we will create one right away. To make my choice will be on which is a popular wallet on the Internet, moreover it is celuJe that has retenor the most my attention by its very clear and intuitive interface in French.

After there are many other wallets to you then from the tester and see spill you match the most but all have only one essential and common function which is once again to store your bitcoinssecurely.

Create a wallet with

To create a new wallet on blockchain simply go to the following address to register:

and follow the steps for registering and validating your account.

Then you just have to log in via the following page:

using the ID of your wallet sent in your Inbox as well as your password. Doing so and after you are logged in you will be redirected to the homepage of your wallet with the essential information that interests us such as your balance, a summary of the transactions carried out as well as the address of your newly created new wallet .


Also know that the value of bitcoin is very volatile which means that its value in dollars for example constantly changes. So don't be surprised to see your balance rise or fall suddenly over the course of the days!

But rest assured the bitcoin has a more and more marked utility in the global economy which would surprise me greatly that it drops to zero overnight. 😉

Send and receive bitcoins

To send bitcoins simply click on the Send button, which will display a new window in which you will have to fill in the sum of bitcoins to send as well as the address on which you want to transfer the sum.

By clicking on the receive button you will get a list of your bitcoins addresses on which you will be able to receive bitcoins and that you will have to use to make you pay.

In conclusion

Now that you have a bitcoin address you will be able to register on all the sites that offers you to win by taking care to always inform the latter during your registration.