Cloud mining

Mining profitable cryptocurrencies with hashflare

Like Genesis mining, Hashflare is one of the best cloud mining platforms to mine profitable crypto-currencies without hardware. I propose you to discover this platform through this didactic article, so that you [...]

cloud mining

Top 6 of the best ways to get crypto-currencies + bonus

You will find in this synthetic article the best known and proven methods in order to obtain cryptocurrencies. I assume that each person does not necessarily have the same financial means as well as the same knowledge […]

cloud mining

How to mine monero ?

The monero (XMR) is a crypto-currency that tries just like the dash and zcash to meet a need for confidentiality of transactions that does not exist with bitcoin. Indeed when […]

cloud mining

Mining crypto-currencies with Genesis mining

Today I decided to tell you about one of the very first cloud mining sites I named Genesis mining that will allow you to earn money in automatic and without doing anything. For those [...]